Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lets try this again

1. My neice is acting out again because her mother is not in a steady relationship, which puts her in a state of misary. Ya so her daughter senses this and acts out cause she don't know what else to do. So my family get togethers are full of screams and crys and time-outs. Which puts everyone on edge and in bad moods.

2. T hasn't talked to me about much lately which means only two things. 1. its something that will upset me and she don't like confrontation. or 2. I have lost trust with her because I am friends with B.

3. speaking of B ... B has been a ball of fun these days, he is keeping things from me which makes him easy to set off. He has been hanging out with T alot...alot alot so that makes me think he is rethinking his divorce for the sake of loneliness....I mean if you are the one who said I'm done then what else makes you want them back. SO this makes me wonder what he sees in T she gives it for free...but who wants know that its not much cause hello its FREE...and he gets upset with her when they hang out ...So what I know could be what T wants me to know...which could be not the whole truth.

4. Netflix is my one of new fav things....well not quite new but anyways I got Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. Ya much better then alot of the sequels I have seen resently. I also got Wanted...also a good movie.

5. My roomie is moving out in a week,,,back to little ol' me in a 3 bedroom house. grrr....I am not one who enjoys emptiness unless I create it ....or silence for that matter....which makes me think that I might have to work on getting a boy because I then can cook for more then just me...and have someone to watch movies with. I am gonna work on that meet new people be friendly when going places and try really hard to get some new people in my life.

6. Keep writing...keeping things fresh and new in my life...and find a new good book to read maybe a trip to library since funds are not an option to buy things now...See $

well it was nice to write again....ttyl