Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here we go again!

1~ My life has a new meaning...or so it feels...I still am a Child of God but I feel like I have grown in a way that makes me realize when I am going to start freaking out and calm myself enough to not! That is a big accompishment for me (I used to freak out alot) so I am very excited to be able to be in control!

2~Boys ....Do I need to say more? well A is a great guy, he is very Independent and Strong willed, makes me feel beautiful and wanted, makes me laugh and smile, he is needy-I can nuture him, I feel safe when he is around, he is Amazing!

3~My job is something that has always been steady thing in my life, but with my nurse on leave and vacation alot in the last 6 months, well I can't seem to keep things under control!

4~Everyone around me is pregnant and it scares me that it is contaigous...LMAO I know better but I feel like that sometimes!

5~ I miss having a safe place to curl up in and know that things will get better, that life won't always be spinning out of control, but I haven't had that in a while..I miss my mom...she is here but I am never there! Friday...maybe I will see if I can see her!