Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here we go again!

1~ My life has a new meaning...or so it feels...I still am a Child of God but I feel like I have grown in a way that makes me realize when I am going to start freaking out and calm myself enough to not! That is a big accompishment for me (I used to freak out alot) so I am very excited to be able to be in control!

2~Boys ....Do I need to say more? well A is a great guy, he is very Independent and Strong willed, makes me feel beautiful and wanted, makes me laugh and smile, he is needy-I can nuture him, I feel safe when he is around, he is Amazing!

3~My job is something that has always been steady thing in my life, but with my nurse on leave and vacation alot in the last 6 months, well I can't seem to keep things under control!

4~Everyone around me is pregnant and it scares me that it is contaigous...LMAO I know better but I feel like that sometimes!

5~ I miss having a safe place to curl up in and know that things will get better, that life won't always be spinning out of control, but I haven't had that in a while..I miss my mom...she is here but I am never there! Friday...maybe I will see if I can see her!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lets try this again

1. My neice is acting out again because her mother is not in a steady relationship, which puts her in a state of misary. Ya so her daughter senses this and acts out cause she don't know what else to do. So my family get togethers are full of screams and crys and time-outs. Which puts everyone on edge and in bad moods.

2. T hasn't talked to me about much lately which means only two things. 1. its something that will upset me and she don't like confrontation. or 2. I have lost trust with her because I am friends with B.

3. speaking of B ... B has been a ball of fun these days, he is keeping things from me which makes him easy to set off. He has been hanging out with T alot...alot alot so that makes me think he is rethinking his divorce for the sake of loneliness....I mean if you are the one who said I'm done then what else makes you want them back. SO this makes me wonder what he sees in T she gives it for free...but who wants know that its not much cause hello its FREE...and he gets upset with her when they hang out ...So what I know could be what T wants me to know...which could be not the whole truth.

4. Netflix is my one of new fav things....well not quite new but anyways I got Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. Ya much better then alot of the sequels I have seen resently. I also got Wanted...also a good movie.

5. My roomie is moving out in a week,,,back to little ol' me in a 3 bedroom house. grrr....I am not one who enjoys emptiness unless I create it ....or silence for that matter....which makes me think that I might have to work on getting a boy because I then can cook for more then just me...and have someone to watch movies with. I am gonna work on that meet new people be friendly when going places and try really hard to get some new people in my life.

6. Keep writing...keeping things fresh and new in my life...and find a new good book to read maybe a trip to library since funds are not an option to buy things now...See $

well it was nice to write again....ttyl

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

almost a year WOW I am so so so who am I appologizing to I believe myself for I have alot to talk about that has happened in the last of Year or so... well I will be back..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lost in the Light

I have been working like crazy at WIC , CVS and Stampin' Up! of course, so my blog page has felt a little neglected lately its been months. Oh my so much to say...well I went to my first convention and had the most amazing time enjoying the mile high city with many women who also love what I love!!!Rubbah!!! its such a wonderful thing. It was everything and more to be able to learn so much and experience all of it....Like a BIG Dream!!! lol for those of you who don't know that was the theme of convention and I sure felt it. take a look at some of the proof that I was deffenitely not on earth anymore....

See there is a big white pillow behind us...This is day uno at the corner office in the lobby of our hotel....

So now we are stamping on a cloud and in our Pajamas....the night of day 1 we got to all come together in our PJ's and Stamp at the Pajama Stamp-a-rama so this is a clip of that.....

This is my first General Session and it was amazing and I had a fabulous time with my roomates...Mary Ellen(my upline) and her sister Nancy(my sideline) and my new friend Eva....

and this is All of us taking a ride on the free bus up and down the 16th st was really fun but a little adventurous and silly but we were have a ball...and of course the girls had to cause trouble and so when we were walking around the mall there were two police men on motorcycles and the not shy very crazy sisters asked if they could get on the bike and get there picture taken.....

You may ask yourself why you can't see much of them and why I am so far away....well it was because I had to be in order not to get gauked at everyone was looking and pointing and laughing and well i stayed far it is funny now but in the moment I was a little that was just two days of Heather in the mile high city....hope you have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more crazy pictures.

Friday, May 4, 2007

I hate Technology

So my computer at home and at work will not let me log on to this to here I am writting ages from the last time and I have no pics to share because they are on my computer and I am on a friends. So here I go with whats new with sister signed up to be a SU! demo under me so that is very exciting. I am putting together a class to make Card Organizer Lunch tins....that should be interesting! Umm...I went to a Vera Bradley outlet sale which to say the least was crazy(for anyone who knows what it is-I went by myself and left with way to many purses and accessories) who doesn't love 75% off sales on some gorgeous purses!!! Seriously how could i not :) Other news Stampin' Up! put out their retired stamp set list and I am losing 26 sets not including ones from the mini catalogs and so who know how many after that.... not as bad as some bigger demos lost! so i guess i am lucky or not cause i liked most of the ones retiring but that just means bigger and better are to come!!! I can't wait seriously I am getting very excited about the new catalog to come out in July!!! well I hope to bring pics of what I have been working on soon!! but for now have a wonderful.. :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

One Step at a TIme

All products are SU! Stamps: Polka Dots and Paisley Paper: Pretty in Pink, Cool Caribean, Whisper White, Regal Rose Inks: Regal Rose, Cool Caribean. Accessories: Sgno White Gel Pen, Ticket Corner Punch, Stampa-majig, SU! Markers, Snail Adhesive and Pink Gingham Ribbon.

This card was a request from a lady I know who is a Hair Dresser and wanted a card to use as a Gift Certificate holder. I got the color scheme from the Loves Me designer paper from Stampin' Up! Winter Mini catalog. I absolutly love this color scheme it makes me want spring flowers and green grass, not the brown yucky crap. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass! Anyway back to the topic of my card, I used markers on the paisley's and the ticket corner punch is my new thing...(Just recently got it..yay!) as you can see I used it on all the corners. The polka dots on the pink is where I used the Stamp-a-majig cause I am horrible at lining the image up! Then on the inside I used a slit punch on two sides to attach the Certificate.

So I ran into the lady I made the card for and she wants me to make up packages to sell to the other hair dressers at her salon. I am really excited to get my name out in a bigger town than the one I currently live in.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Back and Better than ever

So for the last three weeks my blog would NOT let me log in so there will be a couple of posts with in the next day or two....

So here I sit on my computer in my freezing stamping room in the corner on my computer. I love the fact that I can come here and relax and stamp. I haven't been able to relax in a couple months but I had a day off and went to Michaels ( insert enormus smiley face). So what did I buy; I bought a Dollar Spool of ribbon and St. patty's day ribbon and stickers, Prisma-color Pencils and a couple of mags. I am now in 7th heaven with all my new ribbon and fun!!!